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NASA Space Foundation "Hall of Fame" Award Recipient

Recognized for Infrared QWIP Camera Invention



 For approximately 10 years, QTI has been providing consulting services for the design, development, and testing of integrated solutions utilizing 35+ years of experience and expertise in several technical disciplines -  Imaging, Laser Device Systems, Quantum Physics as well as Computer and Software Systems. A little background about our experts on the QTI team. Before joining QTI, Clyde G. Bethea developed some pretty unique and innovative technology during his many years at Bell Laboratories. The Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Camera, an invention recognized by NASA's Space Foundation Hall of Fame,   is an awesome example of such innovative thinking.   Below demonstrates this technology in operation.














QTI has leveraged this experience and expertise to design, analyze and integrate efficient and effective solutions for our clients.  The brilliance of our approach is to keep our target products/deliverables as simple as possible while building highly technical, reliable, sustainable systems exceeding our customer expectations.

Quantum Well Photo Dector Operation

Visible Image 

Infrared (QWIP) Image