QTI Service Offerings


 QTI Consultants provide a variety of services to enable its clients to be   successful in their business offerings. QTI 's commitment to technical   services was born of the demand for highly skilled technical   expertise without causing clients the unnecessary overhead cost that   accompanies such in-house expertise.



QTI's  Services include the following areas:


I.     Infrared/Laser Imaging
II.    Quantum Physics Research & Design

III.   Computer Software & Systems Design

IV.   Other Technical Design Expertise

  •  Solar PV Panel Arrays Design and Analysis

QTI's Latest Technical Consulting

Volumetric Blood Flow:       Normal Tissue vs. Blockage

II. Quantum Physics Research & Design


QTI has developed research projects for new technology that has various applications. This includes a liquid crystal polymer camera with both physics application (looking at the entire electromagnetic spectrum) and medical applications.   This technology was used by Sandia Labs to look at laser profile of terahertz laser.

IV. Other Technical Design Expertise


The current trend for renewable energy is on the rise. Many consumers are exploring the use of Solar power systems to reduce their household expenses. QTI's knowledge and expertise in electrical engineering, physics, solar photovoltaic (PV) power to help design and analyze consumer requirements and specification to implement a cost-effective and efficient system.

Parameters such as solar panel system size,  system location, the number of panels, panel angle, inverter efficiency,  etc. These are just a sample of the various factors one needs to consider so this often times can be a very daunting task to assess and understand how to size and implement a solar PV array system that is right for you.


I. Infrared / Laser Enhanced Imaging


Using infrared and laser enhanced imaging techniques, we develop new innovative solutions to today's challenging problems. This approach to problem-solving is especially significant because it delivers a solution that is non-invasive to the target.  This can be particularly groundbreaking and useful for medical applications.  For example, this method both reduces the number of individual steps needed to prepare for and carry out a medical procedure as well offer a safe means to perform that procedure on a patient.

III. Computers, Systems Design & Analysis


Much of the QTI project development requires system and software design, data analyst and integration to deliver and implement the final solutions some of which resulted in new inventions.  Among the QTI system solutions developed is the imaging system for Picatinny Arsenal.